Finding Our Way Back After Trauma Online Course
Finding Our Way Back After Trauma Online Course
Finding Our Way Back After Trauma Online Course
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Finding Our Way Back After Trauma Online Course

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This is a 4-week online program that will help anyone who has experienced some sort of trauma with horses. Have lost their self-confidence and/or confidence in their horses, or horses in general. Now are ready to face the fears, doubt, shame and blame that are preventing them from getting back into the saddle and embracing their love for horses.

Each week will be a 60-minute zoom call that will include introducing new concepts on how to deal with trauma and fear. A guided exercise that you will be able to experience a shift or insight to the root of the trauma. New tools to apply anytime, anywhere to release the effects of trauma that are trapped within your mind, body & emotions preventing you from connecting with your horse.

Week One:

  • Taking a look at trauma and it’s known and unknown affects it has on both horse and rider.
  • Self-awareness and how we can begin to interrupt the patterns created by trauma
  • Guided practice that will help you to learn to be more grounded, present and aware.
  • Homework to do during the week to begin to create new patterns

Week Two:

  • A deep dive into the energy connection between horse and human and how our horses know when we are faking it
  • Introduction to animal communication and how we are already communicating and how to begin to do so intentionally
  • Guide practice to introduce intuitive communication with others
  • Homework to do during the week to keep building that intuitive muscle

Week Three:

  • Introducing the autonomic nervous system and how influences everything we do with our horses
  • How to recognize where the autonomic nervous system activity within either you or your horses
  • Learning the about the role our thoughts play in the activity of the nervous system and the pros and cons
  • Guided practice allowing for participants to have a somatic experience of the autonomic nervous system in action
  • Home work to do during the week with you and your horse to get familiar with identify what you have learned

Week Four:

  • Releasing the old programing and creating a new story
  • Embodying the new story in a way that it is now the default story
  • Guided practices that will set both you and your horse up for a future of successful experiences
  • Owning your new found power and tools

Class is online and recordings will be available for a period of time when course is completed.