Cindy Hartzell kneels on the ground beside a buckskin horse whose head is down and being cradled by her hands as she strokes his forehead, with the lead rope on the ground.
Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship™

Finding Our Way Back After Trauma Clinic (May 15, 2021)

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How do you begin the healing process and find the courage and confidence to trust your horse and yourself again?

Between 2017-2019 I sustained 2 severe injuries with my main equine partner. After that I was afraid of getting hurt and I was afraid of him. What I did to overcome that fear was I first changed the story that was going on in my head. Our minds are incredibly powerful and they are great storytellers. The weakness of our mind is that it doesn’t know if something happened, is happening now, or is going to happen. Every time you tell a story of “what if’s”, your mind thinks it’s happening now and your body goes into fight or flight reaction. That energy goes straight to your horse and your horse, because they live in the present moment, joins you in that space of fight or flight. The next step in the solution, is interrupting the pattern by telling a new story. It’s no more fiction than the story you are already telling, it just puts you in a different state of mind so you can be in the moment with your horse from a place of confidence instead of fear. Then, we create a solid foundation for you and your horse to build a heart and soul-based relationship of communication, trust, and confidence from the ground up.

This clinic will help participants:

✅ Step out of doubt and fear, and gain the confidence they need to become the loving and strong leader their horse needs.
✅ Stop dreading or avoiding their sessions, and show up excited to explore their new relationship with their horse.
✅ Silence the negative voice inside their head that tells them they can’t, or they’re doing it wrong, and show themselves the same level of patience and compassion that they offer their horses.

Date: Saturday May 15, 2021
Cost: $175.00
Auditors: $50.00
Location: Eimar Ranch 797 Foothill Road, Gardnerville, NV 89460

Registration confirmed by payment and must be received by May 1, 2021 to reserve your space to be in the clinic or to audit. No refund less than 7 days in advance of clinic.