Washoe Lake Camping Clinic October 7-9. 2022
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Washoe Lake Camping Clinic October 7-9. 2022

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This weekend clinic will deepen the connection between you and your horse. We specifically chose the weekend of the Fall Harvest full moon, an amazing time for those who opt to take a moonlight ride.

Taking your horse to new places can often be a challenge.

When we take our horses away from their home and their herd, all they have is us. Spending the night in a new place with your horse often brings up a bit of anxiety for both of you.

As their leaders, we must help them adjust and know they can count on us to protect and care for them. The focus of this clinic is the relationship and partnership we have with our horses. We will explore herd dynamics and the psychology and behavior of horses and humans.

The experience will teach you powerful ways to enhance how you communicate with your equine. You'll learn to speak the language of the horse as you witness the transformation within the partnerships of all participating.

This clinic is unlike any I have taught in the past and likely any you have attended. We will ask our horses to stay with us, be brave and connected, and take care of us.

I am recovering from shoulder surgery and cannot handle horses until 2023. I will be there to coach you every step of the way, but you must be your horse's handler throughout the weekend. Riding is optional. You can do the entire clinic from the ground.

We will begin the clinic on Friday at 4 pm in the arena with an introduction and connection activities. Then, we'll move on to dinner at 6:30. You can sign up for the provided dinners or bring your own.

Saturday's activities are from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, with an hour lunch break. The afternoon is open for those who want to take a trail ride to the lake. For those not comfortable riding, you may walk with me or rest until dinner (with or without your horse).

Sunday starts at 8:30 am and ends at noon. You will be provided lunch and can either go for a trail ride or head home.

Please note:  Any horse-related activities outside the organized clinic time in the arena are not part of the clinic. Horse owners assume all responsibility for their horses.

During the evenings, we will relax and enjoy the full moon while enjoying a fireside chat about horses, horsemanship, and connecting with the other participants.


Dates: 10/7-9/2022

Time: Campsites open 10/7 at 1:30 pm and close 10/9 at 3 pm

Camping fees: Nevada residence $15/night. Out of state $20/night. Pay as you come in (they take credit cards).

This is dry camping. Some sites have electricity for an additional cost, but spots are not guaranteed. There are restrooms but no showers. Please bring battery-operated lights and whatever else you may need. Each campsite has a pen for your horse. Feed and water buckets are NOT provided.

Please be sure to bring a first aid kit and bug repellent for both you and your horse, as well as anything else you need to camp comfortably.

Clinic Fee: $450.00 - Continental breakfast, lunch and buffet style dinner included in this fee

If you have food restrictions please plan to bring your own meals to meet your needs.

If you have food restrictions it is probably best to bring your own food. There is a barbeque in the gazebo area that we have reserved for those that want to cook separately.

We will provide water and electrolyte drinks. Please bring any other beverages you want to drink.

Registration confirmed by payment and must be received by September 10, 2022 to reserve your space to be in the clinic. No refund less than 10 days in advance of clinic.