Animal Communication Online Course
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Animal Communication Online Course

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This 6-week online course is an introduction to animal communication and begins on Wednesday February 23, 2022

Cindy will guide you through a series of exercises that will allow you to explore telepathic communication with animals.

We will learn:

  • the basics of telepathic communication
  • to send & receive information without speaking aloud
  • more about your pets and why they do the things they do
  • how to communicate with an animal long distance
  • how to address behavior problems with the cooperation of your pet
  • to communicate with each other’s animals and my mustangs

 This course includes:

  • 6 live group classes with Cindy Hartzell
  • opportunity to have others communicate with your animals
  • Handouts

We all have the ability to communicate telepathically and actually do it more than we are aware. Learn to awaken your intuition and ability to communicate with animals and trust what you are receiving.

All classes will be done on zoom. Limited to 10 participants and payment in full is required for registration and to secure your spot.