Sensitizing Clinic
Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship™

Sensitizing Clinic

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Desensitizing helps teach both horse and rider to be more confident and helps build trust. During this desensitization clinic we will work towards helping you to get your horse’s respect and to build a better relationship with your horse.

This clinic focuses on safety for both the horse and rider, groundwork, respect, horsemanship & desensitizing the horse to a variety of stimuli. The rider will learn how to teach their horse to accept these things in a safe and calm manner, allowing the horse sufficient time to accept what is going on in his surroundings.

While we cannot retrain a horse in a one-day clinic, I can help you to gain the tools, knowledge and understanding to help your horse through issues that you may not otherwise be able to on your own.

This clinic will help participants

Understand how your horse sees things differently than humans

How to support your horse mentally and emotionally through uncertain times

The safest way to approach those scary objects

Gain respect, connection and trust first on the ground then in the saddle.

You can have a heart soul connection that is built through communication, trust
and compassion. The bond with your horse is one of the most incredible bonds you
will ever experience in your lifetime.

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Cost: $175.00
Auditors: $50.00
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