Meet the Unbridled Freedom Mustangs
Meet the Unbridled Freedom Mustangs
Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship™

Meet the Unbridled Freedom Mustangs

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Come spend a couple of hours in the presence of our majestic team of mustangs. You will enjoy time getting to know them and how they can teach us about unbridled freedom.

Mustangs are masters at multi-sensory awareness (MSA), which is the ability to be aware of what their own senses are telling them, while observing their herd members energy and actions. It is this ability that keeps them cohesive within their social structures known as bands or herds and alive in the wild.

Mustangs live in the present moment and are powerfully connected to one another, this helps them to provide us with immediate non-judgmental feed-back, which we can apply to all our relationships. 

Unbridled freedom programs with mustangs provides us the opportunity to experience immediate and lasting change, while bonding with this amazing beings.

During this 2 hour introduction participants will get to meet the mustangs and do a couple of experiential activities with them to learn more about how we can be grounded, present and aware.

You may even get a horsey hug or nuzzle and who doesn't want that? 

  • Tuition: $25.00
  • Pre-registration required
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