Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship Online Membership
Cindy Hartzell

Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship Online Membership

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Build a heart soul bond with your horse through deeper connection, trust, and compassion.

Your bond with your horse is one of the most incredible bonds you will ever experience in your lifetime.

If you’re experiencing frustration, lack of confidence, or even fear when working with your horse, you’re not alone!

So many women are experiencing the same thing.

All of these emotions come from a lack of understanding and tools.

Coming to that awareness is the first step in this journey of empowering yourself to create a heart soul-connection with your horse.

Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship Courses Help Women:

Step out of doubt and fear, and gain the confidence they need to become the loving and strong leader their horse needs.

Stop dreading or avoiding their sessions, and show up excited to explore their new relationship with their horse.

Silence the negative voice inside their head that tells them they can’t, or they’re doing it wrong, and show themselves the same level of patience and compassion that they offer their horses.

The teachings in these courses took me from just riding my horse to bonding and learning together as a team, which opened up a whole new world for the two of us to explore with confidence and curiosity.

My clients have had similar experiences:

Diane learned to be calm and confident around her horses instead of a ball of nerves. In turn, they now mirror calm and centered behavior back to her.

Margie developed a solid understanding of where she wants to be in her relationship with her horse. She wants a partnership, and she has that!

Barbara learned to apply her new tools in timing, balance, focus, and feel to help her horse overcome trailer anxiety that would have previously left them stuck.

Adrienne learned to understand her red mare's communication and became the leader she needed instead of second-guessing if she was asking correctly when her horse displayed sass.

These women were committed to overcoming the hurdles standing in the way of experiencing their horses in the way they always dreamed. They were willing to get uncomfortable while learning about themselves and applying new skills to pursue these changes.

My online membership and courses are for:

Women who are struggling with the confidence to be the leader their horse needs and are ready to do the work on themselves to build a stronger bond with their horse.

Are you ready to dig deep into what’s holding you back:
● Fear of getting hurt
● Fear of not being good enough
● Fear of your horse not liking you
● Fear of doing it wrong
● Fear of ruining your horse

And do whatever it takes to overcome these obstacles?

If you are thinking “yes” right now, my online membership program is probably a good fit for you!

$97.00 monthly membership fee includes:

  • Exclusive online horsemanship lessons every month on various horse related topics
  • Live Q&A zoom meeting regarding the monthly topic
  •  Monthly Motivational online zoom call to help us be the best we can be for our horses
  • Private members only Facebook group
  • Monthly Facebook live discussion in private members only Facebook group
  • All the online lectures and calls will be recorded for those who miss the live ones.
  • 20% discount on all online courses.


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