Two clinic students stand with their horses against a fence in an arena. Superimposed over the center of this image is the image of a bay horse with the view between the horse's ears looking toward two other riders ahead on a beach.
Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship™

From Groundwork to the Trail

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Let’s face it, working with horses is a dangerous sport. We are dealing with a very large prey animals that has a mind of their own. Even the best trained, most laid-back horses still have a very strong survival instinct.

Do you posses the knowledge and skills to assist your horse through those unexpected moments that send them into their flight/fight response? Do you have
the ability to stay calm and not go into that reptilian part of your brain and join your horse in the state of panic?

If the answer is no, it is just a matter of time before there is something that sends
you both into survival mode. Prey animals and predators have very different reactions when we enter into that place of feeling like our lives are threaten. This takes a bad situation and makes it worse.

This clinic will help participants:

✅ Gain an understanding of what is going on inside your horse when they are
✅ Learn how to help your horse become braver and more confident when
something startles them.
✅ Learn to recognize when you go into flight/fight response and how to let that go
so you can be the leader your horse needs you to be.
✅ Teach your horse to start looking to you for guidance when worried or unsure.
✅Experience a more relaxed partnership that has less moments of confusion, fear
and chaos.

You can have a heart soul connection that is built through communication, trust and compassion. The bond with your horse is one of the most incredible bonds you will ever experience in your lifetime.

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Cost: $175.00
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Registration confirmed by payment and must be received no later than 7 days prior to clinic, to reserve your space to be in the clinic. No refund less than 7 days in advance of clinic.