Cindy Hartzell sits on the back of a palomino horse looking out toward a field of mustangs with a mountain in the backdrop
Cindy Hartzell

Finding Our Way Back After Trauma Energy Work Session

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How do you begin the healing process after a traumatic event with your horse?

This 60 minute 1-on-1 healing session will help you regain your confidence, gain mindful awareness and begin the healing process of finding the courage and confidence to trust yourself and your horse again. 

Everything you are experiencing and feeling is real. Whatever the experience was that resulted in the loss of courage, confidence and trust, together we can find the path back. With a 1000-pound horse running on instinct and fear, we cannot fake it 'til we make it - we must work through the healing process and learn to trust again before we can reconnect with our horse through communication with confidence.

I can help you find the path and create a safe space for you and your horse to move through the trauma back to confidence and trust.

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