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Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship: A Unique Way to Connect with Horses

We teach women how to build a special and deep connection with their horses. Our program creates strong relationships based on trust, clear communication, and respect. This means working together in a way that goes beyond regular horse training.

Our Beliefs:
Being real and open are important when forming close bonds with horses. By focusing on these values, both the women and the horses grow more confident and braver. This helps them achieve great things together as a team.

What We Do:
We concentrate on four main areas to help develop a close relationship with your horse.

Physical Awareness:
We teach you how to be more aware of yourself, your horse, and the surroundings. This helps in understanding how both you and your horse feel and react to things around you.

Mental Mastery:
It's important to manage your thoughts and listen to what your horse is saying. This helps you both understand, trust and respect each other better.

Emotional Intelligence:
We explore how to handle emotions better, for both you and your horse. This makes you both more calm, confident and responsive.

Spiritual Connection:
It is our belief that every living thing has a special inner spirit. When we see this in horses, we make our bond with them even stronger.

Unbridled Freedom Mentorship Program:
Our program includes teaching the basics of how to be with horses in a way that is respectful and caring. This isn't about winning ribbons; it's about learning how to keep horses happy and healthy.

We blend horsemanship, martial arts, and dance to make learning fun and effective. We help create strong, lasting bonds so you and your horse feel respected and understood.

Our promise is you'll learn to handle horses and build a lasting partnership. Where both you and your horse feel seen and heard.

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Horsemanship for Women

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When you experience something with your horse(s) that causes you to lose confidence it can fester into fear and anxiety, even causing you to avoid spending time with your horse(s).

If you are currently experiencing this, please know you are not alone, and it is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

My mission with Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship is to help you gain or regain greater confidence in your ability to handle and ride horses.

Learn to let go of the fear of being injured and the frustration of feeling like you just don’t know what to do next. Say goodbye to the anxiety that accompanies the thoughts of ‘what ifs’ and dread of the unknown.

Become the leader of your herd and unbridle confidence and joy.

Reclaim your freedom, get back in the saddle and hit the trails that lead you to your dreams.


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