Cindy Hartzell performs Reiki energy work on a grey horse with another person looking on, under a tree in a field.
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Reiki for Horses and Humans

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Reiki for Horses: A healing tool that can benefit horses physically, emotionally and mentally

The Benefits of Reiki for Horse

Horse lovers readily agree that what’s good for a horse is usually also good for the owner. This is definitely true when considering the benefits of Reiki for horses. This gentle and non-intrusive therapy traces its modern origins to human patients in Japan. Today it’s growing in popularity as a healing tool that can benefit horses physically, emotionally and mentally.

The Nature of Reiki

Reiki is a holistic system of energy healing. Practitioners connect with healing energy in the universe and channel it through their hands. Once limited to primarily healing people, it now also benefits companion animals around the globe. A growing number of animal rescues are taking advantage of its healing benefits.

This healing system is easy to learn. The ability to utilize it is transferred to students during a class that usually lasts several hours.

How Equine Reiki Works

Energy flows through the body of a horse in good health much like an electric current. However, a number of factors can interfere with this flow. Among them are physical injuries, trauma, dietary changes, emotional problems, training issues or a combination of these problems. Any blockage of energy can result in physical, psychological or behavioral problems.

An individual providing Horse Reiki, or Equine Reiki, restores positive energy flow into the animal’s body, correcting imbalance. Horses are particularly sensitive and quickly pick up on the healing a practitioner offers through hands-on or even hands-off means. Typically, the animal will approach and quickly become a willing participant.

Benefits of Animal Reiki

This healing system is safe and will never harm an animal. If a horse has experienced abuse or neglect, Reiki helps it to release emotional wounds. Treating horses and pets with Reiki helps relax and calm them, making it easier for owners and trainers to handle them and resolve behavioral issues. A calmer horse means a calmer, happier owner.

Reiki is extremely useful in conjunction with traditional veterinary care. It helps horses recover faster, saving owner’s anxiety and cost. Veterinarians trained in this type of healing have found it useful in treating travel stress and digestive problems, as well as settling mares who are new mothers.

Equine Reiki is also beneficial as a horse approaches the end of its life. It can provide comfort to a beloved animal, its owners and the staff members who provide daily care. Interested in Equine Reiki to assist the wellbeing of your horse

Reiki Treatments/Sessions
Private sessions are offered in person or remote healing. The duration of each session are an hour.

In person:
Cost: People or Animal Companions: $150

I can also travel to your location - additional travel expenses apply

I include Essential oils and aromatherapy in my in-person reiki sessions to help horses achieve the most out of each session

Distance Sessions
A distance session is basically the same as the above but is be done in the comfort of your home without physical contact as the work on an energetic level.

Cost: People or Animal companions: $100

 Once you have purchased this service, you can book your time here.