Unbridled Reflections Transformational Coaching 12 session Package

Unbridled Reflections; helping women turn ordinary into extraordinary

I coach women in moving from frustration, overwhelm, fear and doubt into confidence, clarity and certainty. 

Creating a sense of connection with who we truly are and what we are meant to be.

Did you know that learning about horsemanship is not just for women with horses?

Unbridled Reflections coaching program includes the Art of Feminine Presence® and equine experiential education. 

The Art of Feminine Presence practices helps us to fully embrace who we are and to step fully into our power. 

Equine Experiential Education allows my herd of mustangs to be my partners in helping you to explore how you show up in your life, strengthen those things that are working and release the patterns, behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve you in becoming the woman you want to be and create the life you dream of living.

Learning about yourself through the heart and soul of horses is one of the most rewarding journeys you will ever embark on.

Engaging with horses is about learning to be present in the moment, aware of how you and your energy affect others.

Horses have the ability to give you immediate and honest feedback in the moment. That is why they can help humans to make instant and lasting change from within.

I offer a variety of programs online and in person that involve learning and practicing the skills of horsemanship.

 We women enjoy horses because they touch our hearts and souls.

We create a unique and powerful bond with them, when we are willing to tune in and embrace our feminine presence and personal power.

Together with my horses, or yours, you can awaken your feminine essence and step into your personal power.

Your feminine presence and intuition is your super power, learn to let it be your guide.

Women bring balance into the world, that’s what we have in common with horses.

The world is ready for our feminine essence!

Are you ready to awaken your super powers?

Horses are so willing to connect with us on that deep level of authenticity, but only when we are able to connect deeply with ourselves.

Be daring enough to step out of the traditional perspectives of how we engage with our horses and begin the journey of having a spiritual connection with your horse.

When we begin to explore self-awareness and embark on the journey of self-development, horses begin to feel that change from within. You will begin to see your horse trust you more, look to you for guidance when they are unsure and pick you above all others in their herd.

I offer a Transformational Coaching package that can be customized to meet your needs:

  • One on one 60 minute sessions in person or via zoom.
  • One on one 60 minutes sessions with me and my mustangs.
  • One on one 60 minutes with you and your horse in person or via zoom. You will need to have the ability to submit a 15 minute video to me prior to our coaching session.
  • Combine a coaching package with one of my online horsemanship courses