Become a Leader Worthy of Following Online Workshop
Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship™

Become a Leader Worthy of Following Online Workshop

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Every horsewoman has an inner horse girl. She’s fearless, she loves her horse with her whole heart, and she can’t wait to ride.

Every time we let our stuff get in the way, we let our inner horse girl down. It happens to everyone during their horsemanship journey, but I can help you step out of it.

Your horse doesn't care about any of that stuff. They just want you to embrace your inner horse girl and go all-in with them. They want you to become a leader worthy of following so you can build a true heart soul connection.

I'm looking for participants who are serious about growing themselves into better horse-people. If you're just wanting to know how to get your horse 'to-do' something for you, then this is not the workshop for you.

I'm going to be teaching some powerful fundamentals that reveal a deep "heart and soul" communication that allows you to dance with your horse, both on the ground and under saddle

I've priced this info-packed, interactive workshop at only $37. 

You might be wondering why such a low price, or why not free?

I'll answer both...

*I believe in the energy of our intentions (understanding this applies directly to our horsemanship). My intention is to deliver a high-value workshop for people who are serious about becoming a better horse-person, (not just curious). 

*It is also my experience that when people sign up for a free workshop, they often don't actually attend or watch the replay, and aren't really serious about moving forward.

Topics Covered

✅ Understanding herd dynamics

✅ How Horses and Humans Learn

✅ Learning to see the world from your horse’s perspective


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