Meet the Herd


The Boss Mare is Cindy Hartzell and she has had horses all of her life. She bridges the gap between horses and humans by being the spokesperson for horses. Cindy teaches people to understand how absolutely amazing these sentient beings are as teachers and healers. And knows that what she do makes a difference in the lives of horses and their humans.

She will guide you through a transformational journey from fear of riding, getting hurt and experiencing frustration over the lack of being able to communicate with your horse, to being a horsewoman who can connect and communicate confidently with horses.

In 2013 Cindy was hired to be the herd manager for a non-profit that had recently rescued 130 wild mustangs from slaughter. She spent many hours over the first three to four months watching these wild horses learn how to figure out life in captivity with humans.

They taught her about community, communication, boundaries, resiliency, leadership, followship*, confidence, nurturing, forgiveness, and herd dynamics.

Cindy fell in love with mustangs so much that in 2018 she started Heart Soul Horses Helping Humans, Inc. a 501©3 non-profit for mustangs.

She currently lives in Genoa, NV which is on the north eastern side of Lake Tahoe and on the eastern side of the Sierra Mountains. Cindy and her husband; Bruce Hartzell started a mobile veterinary practice in 1999 in Truckee California. He has been practicing veterinarian medicine since 1980 and Cindy has been a veterinary technician since 1987.

They share our 9-acre ranch with 3 dogs, 4 cats, 2 birds and 14 horses. All 14 horses are rescue horses, ten of those horses are mustangs that they rescued and Cindy gentled and trained.

*Capacity and willingness to follow a leader

Training & Certifications

Art of Feminine Presence® Teacher L1 Certified Training Through Trust Certified
Equine Experiential Education Certified Parelli Natural Horsemanship
Equine Experiential Learning Certified EAGALA
Animal Communication Reiki Master Teacher Certified
Animal Acupressure Massage Veterinary Technician



DreamCatcher inspires women to step into their true feminine essence and personal power. She is a expert at seeing into the hearts and souls of the women she works with. Her ability to help women tap into their own wisdom and courage is amazing. DreamCatcher is a 14 year old mustang that was removed from the Virginia Range in Nevada when she was 6 years old. Cindy adopted her shortly after she was captured. At the time we were unaware that she was pregnant and in April of 2014 she blessed our herd with a little colt named Perone, he remains a part of our herd.  



Dakota has a mighty presence with a very soft approach. Her gentle way of engaging with participants provides a sense of safety and compassion. While working with Dakota she will guide you through the process of accessing your feminine essence, intuition, learn to be present, grounded, confident and compassionate towards yourself, while tapping into your personal power. Dakota was captured in a BLM roundup when she was 2 years old and joined Cindy's herd in 2018. Dakota and Cindy can be found in the high Sierras on a trail,  when they aren't guiding women through a transformational self-develop journey.


Magical Mare in Training; Katinss

Katniss has the kindest heart and most forgiving soul. She will guide you to discover those unique traits within yourself. She is the youngest member of our team. In December of 2018, Katniss was rounded up with her mom and 59 other pairs and sent to auction when she was just 4 months old and very wild. Heart Soul Horses Helping Humans adopted her and another filly in December of 2018. Katniss officially joined my herd in 2021 when I adopted her.