A New Relationship with a Horse is Like Getting a New Dance Partner

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In September 2020, I retired my main partner of 14 years due to medical issues.
In August this beautiful mustang mare came back into my life.
Little did I know at that time she would become my next teacher on my horsemanship journey.
She is my new partner and we are learning about each other. Beginning a new partnership with a horse is like getting a new dance partner.
We are trying to learn how to move together, how to understand each others touch, feel and body language.
We are learning about what frustrates each other, what makes each a little scared and how we handle spooky situations.
This all takes the willingness and desire on both our parts to stay in the present moment together and want to learn to trust each other.
We are trying to find our rhythm with one another as she learns the moves I am teaching her.
We are learning to dance in harmony and each time we come together the connection is getting deeper and more meaningful.

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