Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship's Pathway to True Unity

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Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship’s Pathway to True Unity program focuses on our relationship and partnership with horses. The relationship is built on trust, communication, vulnerability, and commitment.  With this approach, we create a solid foundation only found by having a heart and soul connection with the spirit of the horse, the core essence of these sentient beings.

By nurturing a relationship with your horse, you develop a partnership that empowers the two of you to do anything you desire. Putting the relationship and well-being of both at the core of everything you do results in limitless possibilities

Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship’s Pathway to True Unity program creates empowered horsewomen and horsemen using 3 circles within a triangle. 

The circles are:

  1. Horse and Human Relationship
  2. Circle of Whole Being
  3. Working with Horses.

These three circles are arranged in a triangle pattern with #1 on the top, #2 in the lower right side and #3 in the lower left side. The energy flows in a clockwise direction.

As one becomes more aware of each circle and how the relationship flows within all three, a greater understanding develops and you begin to dance among them with fluidity.


When we are working with horses in a traditional sense, it is common to develop our skills and theirs while working in circle and triangle patterns.

Circles help us focus as we are riding and allows us to help our horse’s focus. Circles help us find a rhythm, which is comforting to our horses as they have rhythmic spirits. Working in a circle is calming and grounding for both horse and rider.

Triangles have 3 distinct lines allowing the rider to focus on the beginning, middle, and end. They provide moments of going straight, allowing speed to be added into the pattern. This helps the rider to learn to stay connected with their horse when making transitions, be it gaits or direction.

Now let’s look at both these shapes from a different and deeper perspective.

A circle represents eternity, infinity, focus, evolution, and higher perspective - connection to the Divine Life-Force or Spirit that keeps our reality in motion. It is symbolic of vitality, wholeness, completion, and perfection. Circles hold and contain energy so that cycles of growth can exist within them.

Each day we grow, learn and change with circular motions moving us along the cycles of the day. The hours in a day, the changing of the seasons, and the rotation of the sun around Earth are just a few examples of the cyclical lives that we live. A circle can represent our individual spiritual force that keeps us evolving.

Symbolically a circle represents the completion of cycles of transition, potential, growth, and transformation. A movement that never ends towards self-realization.

A circle protects against chaos and creates an element of trusting the universe, inspiring us to keep going.

In sacred geometry, a triangle represents manifestation, enlightenment, revelation, and a higher perspective. It often marks the cycle of growth that led to a higher state of being.


Now let’s go back to creating our relationship with horses by focusing on working within our 3 circles arranged in the interior shape of a triangle. As we learn to apply this understanding, we awaken the divine life force within that keeps our reality in motion. The Spirit within horse and human; the vitality, wholeness and perfection.

As we travel in rhythm with the Universal energy, we awaken our own individual life force and that of our horses. We evolve towards the never-ending movement of self-realization as spiritual beings and horsewomen and horsemen.

The triangle that we are traveling within represents manifestation of our dreams and goals with our horses as partners. Each time we cycle through these circles within the triangle marks a cycle of growth and enlightenment that leads to a higher state of being as horsewomen and horsemen.

Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship’s Pathway to True Unity is bringing awareness to the spiritual aspect of horses and humans. It teaches us to bring spiritual intelligence into our horsemanship.

Spiritual Intelligence simply means the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation.

Working to grow as horsewomen/horsemen spiritually with these 3 circles within the triangle is awakening the Divine Life Force inside horse and human. The circles contain the energy needed to assist us through the triangle’s cycle of growth that allows us to manifest a higher state of enlightenment. Creating a deeper heart and soul connection between horses and humans.

Cindy Hartzell© 2021

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