The Amazing Mind

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The mind is an amazing thing.

It’s deeply connected to the emotional part of this amazing vessel we identify as I or Me.

It’s that part that allows us to get totally wrapped up in the moment.

Lost in a good book for the afternoon, enthralled in a great movie. This happens because of the amazing mind.

For those moments, we are living in the story and everything in our physical surroundings fades away.

The mind has no concept of time: past present or future.

For the mind every thing seems to be happening in this moment.

Thoughts arise within the mind, which then triggers our emotions to respond, this alerts the autonomic nervous system (brain) to response to what we are thinking about and the emotions being triggered by the thought.

We are either being inspired or worried.

The next thing that happens is the brain directs the body to take appropriate, or sometimes inappropriate action to the thought.

This depends on the memories/experiences stored within the brain.

We are holistic beings.
The body is an amazing thing, made up of mental emotional physical and spiritual(mind).

It functions best when all four work in harmony.

Our thoughts begin a whole chain of responses.

Thoughts originate in the mind.

Look around you, everything you see was once a thought in someone’s mind.
Maybe even your mind.

By learning to be the master of your mind you can create anything you desire.

To be a slave to the mind, we experience fear anxiety depression and stress.

Learning to master the mind begins with awareness.

It’s a journey worth taking, at least I think so

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